Delegate: The person selected from your co-op who will be responsible for casting votes on behalf on your co-op, at both regional meetings and the Saturday AGM (National Business Meeting). If this person is a staff member, they would register as "Delegate + CMC". There can only be ONE Delegate per co-op, but you may of course send additional co-op members under other registration types.


Alternate: Can vote in place of your delegate should they be unable to attend on Saturday. You must have a Delegate registered before you can register your Alternate.


Co-op Staff: This registration type includes managers AND all other staff employed by the co-op.


CMC: Co-operative Management Conference

Educational and networking workshops geared towards managers and staff of co-ops.

All CMC workshops begin with the letter "P". The IHM courses P01, P02, and P03 fall under this category.


"Co-op Staff – Includes CMC" - Full registration type which includes: CMC workshops and plenary, Regional Meeting, Friday Dinner, and Saturday AGM/Lunch


"Co-op Staff – CMC Only" - includes ONLY the CMC workshops, nothing else.


MEF: Member Education Forum

Educational and networking workshops geared towards members living in co-ops.

MEF workshops will begin with the letters A, B, C or D.


Signing Authority

Is the person at your co-op authorized to sign cheques/issue payments. If there are multiple people in this role, please choose one name.



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